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Pronice, enriched with caviar extract

Pronice, enriched with caviar extract

Being the first and unique is a Pleasant and memorable experience of consuming a product, and Caviar based products (Pronice) by these premium features have been able to cover most of the cosmetic consumer's demand and specific needs in Iran. Caviar based products by using the best quality caviar of the Caspian sea, have been formulated and marketed by Dr. Jahangir science base pharmaceutical and cosmetics company for the first time in Iran.

prominent features of these products in addition to nutrition the skin and hair which is itself a valuable asset and desirable feature for costumers, are special and luxurious. Being unique and brand-new, besides another capacity of Pronice allows it to develops more and more the product for a wide range of demands in beauty market needs. 
Products of Pronice brand are included, caviar sunscreen, caviar shampoo, hair conditioner, Caviar shampoo for hair dye stabilizer, Pronice caviar toothpaste and more.

 The capabilities of this particular brand to reach the highest level of demand in the beauty and health care market are noteworthy.

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